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the details

I connected with Daliza on Instagram, we met for coffee and quickly became friends.   


Dali has been a school couselor since 2010. Many of her students are English language learners from all over the world. Her goal with College Consejos was to connect with families who are just beginning the college journey. For many of these families English is their second language, there are certain barriers in place that make entering college a challenge. Dali's goal is to connect the dots and make the dream of going to college a reality for these students. 


For the website design I drew inspiration from the Caribbean, the beautiful landscapes and colors from the Dominican Republic were particularly a source of inspiration.


For the branding and website design and copy we wanted to create a warm inviting space. We used 'Spanglish' throughout the copy of the website - the idea behind this was to make it casual like you're having coffee with your favorite tia (aunt) and getting advice (consejos).



scope of work

  • Brand Design

  • Website Design

  • Website Copy

  • SEO