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The beauty is in the details and photography is an important detail in the branding and website design process.  Visual storytelling is what makes your website and marketing efforts stand out. Whether it's a headshot, a photoshoot with your team or to give your clients a behind the scene look at your products and services. 


Luxe Lara collaborates with talented local photographers to help streamline the process. I work directly with the photographer to create a photoshoot that is cohesive with your brand, vision and story. By collaborating in this way we are able to curate photos that are in line with your brand and marketing goals.


We create a custom package that includes:

  • Photoshoot styling

  • Prop styling

  • Personalized shot list

  • Natural light studio session at the Social House or on location



This service is an add-on for our design or digital marketing clients.  Please contact us for more information. 


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