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The entire process of working with us is truly a collaborative one. We are invested in your brand. We know that your brand is much more than a logo and a tagline. It's your passion, it's who you are and it's worth investing in.

When you sign on with us we will be working on your project anywhere between 1 month to 4 months - it all depends on the scope of work. 

Here's how we bring your vision to life and what you can expect from us:

  • Complimentary Consultation: Because chatting is fun and getting to know you, your vision and goals is what ensures that we're the right agency for your project.

  • Brand Exploration:  We dig deeper to define who you are and who your dream clients/customers are.  We research where they are and develop a plan to design a brand that speaks to them. 

  • Content Creation:  That hard-to-write bio and and all the other words you need to convey your brand's message - we create for you. We have automated reminders to keep you on task, and a content submission system that makes it easy for you to submit what you need to so we can work our magic.

  • The Visuals: From custom branded photography through sourcing stock photography we handle it all. We can even create video to help you expand your reach and bring your message home. We're not here just to create a website for you, we are here to give you a full brand experience.

  • Launch: When your site is launched we provide a video tutorial on how to manage your site. 


We're invested in your success and in order to get you from idea, plan and finally launch we can only work with clients who are able to invest in the entire experience. 

Here's what we expect from our clients:

  • Decision Makers: Our work is approval driven, our clients need to be able to make those decisions in a timely manner. If your business involves a team of decision makers we need to all be on board. 

  • Time Management:  We put the tools in place to collect all pre-design homework in an organized and easy way. Our clients need to be able to make quick and decisive decisions.

  • Value Simplicity:  Our design aesthetic is clean and minimalist

  • Can Commit: While we do the heavy lifting we do need time commitment from you. Our clients need to commit to spending 2- 40 hours (depending on the scope of work) on the completion of the project. These hours are broken up in stages: Preliminary homework, reviewing designs, submitting edits/approvals. 

  • Feeling Comfortable: Using WIX or WordPress. During the consultation process we figure out which is the best platform to build your site in. We do all the coding and designing and provide a video tutorial so you can edit your site. We don't expect you to be or become an expert, however we want to make sure you feel confident and are excited to learn the basics so you can manage your site. 

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