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Unplugging in Tulum: The Perfect Getaway for a Female Entrepreneur

Guest Post by: Gabriela Viteri

Running my own business requires long days, countless hours of problem solving and at times lots of travel, sometimes leaving me mentally and physically exhausted. Like many young female entrepreneurs, I was feeling drained after a busy and successful “season” of working in and around Palm Beach. In an act of self care I started to think of a weekend getaway.

I mentioned to my sister the need to disconnect, and she eagerly suggested Tulum. She is a seasoned traveler and had been there several times. I’ve been to Mexico a few times, but I have never visited the Yucatan Peninsula, so naturally I was thrilled at the prospect of visiting this magical place.

Living in Florida, I usually shy away from tropical destinations. I get enough fun in the sun year round. Thankfully, my sister insisted because otherwise I would have missed out on discovering this fun, peaceful and trendy little spot.

Tulum itself is lazy little town. It is also incredibly Instagramable, and there is a reason why bloggers and influencers have drank the kool-aid. The rustic structures are breathtaking, and the mix of vernacular architecture with boho beach decor just works.

Our days in Tulum were spent lying on the beach, biking, swimming in cenotes and visiting Mayan ruins. Tulum has a lot of easily accesible spots worth visiting. It is very easy to get around via bikes, and there are taxis available at all times.

My favorite thing to do in Tulum was nothing. It was very liberating to feel guilt-less over missing out on a museum exhibit, or not doing something cultural. There is no FOMO to be had here. If anything, there’s a high value placed on rest and relaxation, and Tulum has certainly cornered the market on that.

All this do-nothingery in Tulum also made me nostalgic, as if in a state of suspended deja-vu. Growing up in Ecuador, I spent childhoods on the beach, endlessly dragging sand inside the house and falling asleep to the soothing sounds of the ocean. In Tulum, I got to revisit the Ecuador of my dreams for a spell, and reconnect with that sense of zero urgency I never knew I missed.

In the last decade the boho seekers and gypsetters have flocked to Tulum because of its weather, yoga and ease. Fabulous chefs have apparently followed suit. As far as cuisine, Tulum has a lot to offer. My favorite meal was at Arca, wow just wow, and Casa Jaguar was a close second.

There are a lot of hotel options in Tulum. We rented the entire Nest Villa, and had the comforts of home along with the amenities of a hotel. My family has stayed at the hotel and raved about the service. Rooms were well appointed, comfortable and as close to the beach as you could get. Do not miss their mixed ceviche, which was incredible and served on the beach by request.

In the end, Tulum was just what this budding entrepreneur who is hooked on her phone needed. Phone Service was limited, so I was forced to relax. It was hard for like 5 minutes, but once I reveled in the peace and quiet it was hard to go back.

Tulum Packing List:

  1. Sun screen and bug repellent

  2. Big hat. I love mine from D’Vro which did not collapse in my suitcase.

  3. Flowy dresses it’s hot and mugggy at times. Mine were from Simplicity in Mind in West Palm Beach, FL.

  4. Sneakers and sandals - skip the heels.

  5. Swimsuits, more than usual. They never really dry out completely.

  6. Hair detangler and detangler brush. It's sooo windy and you want to save your hair from breakage and the elements.

  7. A light sweater or jacket because it can get rainy and chilly.


Gabriela Viteri is the founder of The Curated Look, a beautiful site that connects you with a variety of independent and talented jewelry designers.

When Gabriela isn't surrounded by jewelry or at a photoshoot, you can find her spending time with her family, remodeling her new home, traveling and seeking inspiration from everything and anything.

Connect with Gabriela:

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