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Leveling Up Your Instagram Strategy With Save-Worthy Content

Instagram Content Strategy By Luxe Lara Design | Michelle Lara

Has your Instagram engagement gone down?

It's a common issue, our posts aren't being seen as they used to, the algorithm is changing constantly, and Instagram is pushing paid ads more than ever before. It can be overwhelming to keep up with the trends, create organic content AND have the creative energy to do the actual work you love to do!

Creating content that is being saved and shared will increase your engagement, reach, and convey to potential clients that you're a resource they can benefit from.

Save-worthy content falls into 3 specific content pillars:

  • Entertaining

  • Informational

  • Inspirational

This type of content includes tutorials, helpful information, inspiring quotes and photography and behind the scenes of your work and processes. Sometimes the simpler the content the better - things you do daily and simple "how to's" can be a wealth of knowledge for someone else.

Here are a few examples of valuable content that my interior designers have had saved + shared thousands of times (much to their surprise!):

  1. Provide a tutorial on choosing the best curtains for your space. Get super specific and share as many details as you can - things like what type of rod finish and style to choose, playing with pattern and even how to measure.

  2. Your favorite paint colors by room, include similar colors in different price points and make sure to tag the companies.

  3. Your latest interior design project tour with before and afters.

  4. Styling a small space like a bookshelf and coffee table. Include product info and links so they can easily replicate the look.

Dig into your analytics to see which posts have received the most saves so you can curate content that resonates most. You'll start creating a roadmap for what works best and can shift your content plan to include more of this type of content.



Michelle Lara | Website Designer

My name is Michelle, and I love telling stories with design that reflects it! I work with creative entrepreneurs on their branding, website design and digital marketing.


Here you'll find a behind-the-scenes look at what I do and some useful tips that will help you along  your journey!



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