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10 Interior Designer Tips for Creating a Beautiful and Functional Workspace

Guest Post | Celia Sasser

Did you know that your environment dictates your mood and productivity? If you don’t believe me Google it, there are proven studies that can back it up. But you don’t need proof, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m a creative female entrepreneur, who works from home. And when I am in the middle of a design project my workspace kind of goes haywire. Have you seen memes that say don’t call me messy I’m just a creative organizer? Can you relate?

All kidding aside, we really do need to be organized to be productive. Your workspace should be beautiful as well as functional if you’re planning to kill it in your business.

Inspirational Workspace by Celia Sasser Interiors

Today I’m sharing with you 10 of my designer tips when creating a workspace:

  1. Consider colors that inspire you and use them in your office decor. (Pick 3)

  2. Where is the best natural light coming from? Place your desk where you will be facing it.

  3. Find a chair that is comfortable and supports your back.

  4. Have shelving units that can hold boxes, baskets and other items to stay organized and clutter free.

  5. Make sure you hang a cork board to pin projects you’re working on, daily affirmations and visuals that keep you motivated.

  6. Lighting, lighting, lighting, did I say lighting? It is so overlooked, but if you’re working late hours it matters.

  7. Add a real plant. It gives oxygen and adds life to a space.

  8. Always stock items you use such as paper, pens, paper clips and ink. There is nothing worse than running out of ink in the middle of printing a project. (Been there)

  9. Add your personality to your space. You could bring in items you collect and display them on a shelf or add a few family photos. (use an editing eye you don’t want to clutter your space)

  10. The desk is the focal point so pick one that is beautiful, one that would make you happy to sit at for hours. Make sure to add some of your favorite things on your desk that make you smile. ( if you need a large surface to work on look at smaller scale dining room tables )


Celia Sasser is the owner of Celia Sasser Interiors - a design firm based in South Florida.

Celia's designs spaces that are focused on simple lines, adding interesting fabrics that have a global influence and using natural elements in a room.

When she isn't designing for her clients she is enjoying time with her family and takes frequent trips to the beach.

Connect with Celia:

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My name is Michelle, and I love telling stories with design that reflects it! I work with creative entrepreneurs on their branding, website design and digital marketing.


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